8 Strategies for Rimbo

Our site becomes a new center for Rimbo. It seeks to unite diverse civic habitats, lush greenery and wild character present in-and-around Rimbo. The proposal aims to be a dynamic and attractive place for new and old residents while also respecting the fine-tuned balance that rural towns exist within. By integrating new functionality along an organisational spine and closely considering and regarding what exists we have synthesized new and old elements of Rimbo into three distinct zones. A new town square defines a multipurpose center-point, a new transportation hub that re-links Rimbo to its regional context, and a diverse residential and commercial area that mixes existing structures with an acupuncture of new housing, and merges new and existing functions.

Joar Nordvall (SE), architect
Elise Jensen (SE), architect
Vincent Fagerström (SE), architect
Klara Hallberg (SE), architect

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