Nurture Nature!

Nurture Nature! makes space for a renewed generous and responsible human culture that can shepherd and foster nature in various aspects of the built environment. This design proposal champions the eco-cultural transition through integration of different ecosystems, uses, and spaces.
Following up to the vision “Innovative Skåvsta,” the project will tackle spaces to attract and retain a new generation of talents, travellers, and commuters. Flexible typologies, healthy lifestyle infrastructures, and a beautiful yet connected context are the leading strategies.
The land-art-like design of the district will stand out upon landing at Skåvsta airport. This will further symbolically mark this productive cluster as the creative South gateway to Stockholm, a gateway to the future.

Davide Fuser (ES), architect
Marta Benedetti (IT), architect
David Vecchi (IT), architect
Maria Letizia Garzoli (IT), architect
Gianni Vecchi (IT), student in architecture

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