The Sweet Spot

Skavsta Park is a visionary Business park that harmoniously coexists with nature, fostering a regenerative environment. The Doughnut model guides its sustainable development, ensuring a balance between social well-being and ecological limits. A cooperative business model encourages ownership and community, while shared values promote a circular economy. Soft and hard infrastructure, combined with the Power of Provenance, create a nurturing ecosystem for businesses and visitors alike. The project serves as a living laboratory for innovation, applying sustainable practices in construction, mobility, and energy production. Sustainability and biodiversity are paramount. Skavsta Park aims to be a thriving, responsible, and inclusive living city, a Sweet Spot demonstrating the future of sustainable urban development.

Galini Afentoulidou (GR), architect
Despoina Papadopoulou (GR), architect
Athan Vagias (GR), architect
Aikaterini Examiliotou (GR), architect, urbanist
Maritina Markopoulou (UK), sustainability consultant
Tyler Thurston (UK), illustrator
Ramin Antoniadis (GR), illustrator
Salomon Berg (SE), illustrator

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