Forget the single-minded economical focus when developing Piteå - we must create a holistic city that will sustain! With the new North Bothnia Line Piteå has the potential to grow into a thriving urban hub. But within this golden opportunity lies also a potential urban recession: the new proposed line for the railway will cut the city off from Sörfjärden - a major recreational value for Piteå – and have the city turn its back to the waterfront. The city of Piteå has many existing qualities which must be enhanced. The city has always been closely linked to the waterfront. With this proposal for the future development of Piteå we wish to reclaim the territories of the coastal line, recreate the narrative of the industry and resurrect Piteå as a living city! This is done by creating new connections across all levels of the urban environment.

Benedicte Rahbek (DK), architect
Jens Nyboe Andersen (DK), landscape architect
Karl Johan Baggins (DK), landscape architect

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