Solander Ring. A vision for a social,
connected, and climate-resilient Piteå

The implementation of the North Bothnian Railway provides an opportunity to rethink Piteå's future development towards a connected, vibrant, and sustainable urban environment.
The "Solander Ring” is an urban and ecological strategy for Piteå. By celebrating Solander's progressive figure we aim to implement an innovative strategy that bridges the past with the future of Piteå. The ring coincides with the traces of the former island of Piteå that embraces the historical centre defined by an orthogonal grid morphology. This linear structure is centred on slow mobility, climate-adaptation, and biodiversity. Existing and new parks, gardens, and urban developments are linked to the ring, turning it into a continuous urban ecosystem that fosters an harmonious symbiosis between humans and nature.

Giacomo Gallo (IT), architect
Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian (IT), architect urbanist
Agnese Marcigliano (IT), architect
Nancy Smolka (DE), urban planner
Ishaani Paresh Shah (IN), landscape architect
Xinyi Xiang (CN), landscape architect

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