The history of Växjö is closely linked to the northern shore of Växjösjön. It was here, close to the Central Hospital, that five roads intersected and formed a favorable setting for trade and residence. It is reflected not least in the name, which originates from the Old Swedish words Vaegar (road) and Sjö (lake). As a gesture to the past, we propose that the new Cultural Quarter, which is emerging in the premises of the hospital is to be named Vägsjöstaden.

By reprogramming the hospital block, the dense area is opened up, adding lush greenery and public spaces. By removing unnecessary structures and re-cladding the buildings that are kept with recycled materials harvested on site, the site is adapted to new uses – gradually chiseled into existence without an extensively waste of resources.

Tobias Thiel (SE), architect
Oscar Forsman (SE), architect

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