Generative Care

Generative Care proposes a two-phase intervention to unlock the potential of Centrallasarettet of Växjö. Phase One involves three interventions, while the hospital is still running in full functionality, to initiate dialogue and research, explore existing structures and landscapes, envisioning their transformation. Building on this knowledge, Phase Two focuses on a large-scale transformation, creatively reusing materials, restructuring streets, and integrating the area with the city. Embracing a metabolic conception, the project engages the community, allowing the site to evolve organically over time while respecting its unique context. The project seeks to create a vibrant and inclusive environment that celebrates the city's heritage and shapes a promising and green future for Växjö.

Henrik Almquist (SE), architect
Morgane Martin-Alonzo (DE), architect urbanist
Oscar APARICIO CHAVEZ (BO), architect
Léa Ganteil (FR), architect

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