Influencer flod. A land from the beginning

Our vision for Skellefteå is an attempt to think and act with care for a landscape that needs listening to the natural bodies as well as the needs of a fast-growing population of workers and to the activities that should be offered to them. The project has an effort to include everybody and everything in the newly regenerated area, in an act of care as the obligation to overcome the nature/culture bifurcation, going beyond the anthropocentric binaries and boundaries, engaging in an ethical more-than-human project. We accept the flows and the always becoming of the river, while welcoming modern needs of urbanization, though in an effort of creating a just and ethical dialogue between the two. The site becomes the scenery for the tale of a river, and the tale of people living with the river.

Saverio Torzoni (IT), landscape architect
Filippo Marconi (IT), architect
Gioia Romani (IT), architect
Isabella Trabucco (IT), architect urbanist
Carlo Pisano (IT), architect

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